As a writer, I am interested in finding out how to straddle pigeon holes and complexities. I write about horses, books, landscape, dyslexia and the inter sectionalism of urban and rural life.

Readers can find my book reviews, personal essays and opinion pieces in more than 15 publications including The Washington Post, The Los Angels Review of  Books, The Rumpus, Plaid Horse Magazine, Horse Nation and others.

I am also a contributor of Book Riot and the Washington Independent Review of Books and the Arts and Culture columnist for Horse Network.

Click around my website to learn more about my work and please reach out for more information.

 Current Highlights:

HN Reads Book Club

Watch me host authors, Susanna Forrest, Ginger Gaffney and Anne Clermont as they talk about their horse books!


The Story of More

Book Review: The Washington Independent Review of Books. April, 2020

“We might combat climate crises by leaving copies of Hope Jahren’s The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here in strategic public places: on those display racks by the drink coolers in corner stores; near checkout counters at Tractor Supply; in every DMV line in America. If there’s one book all of us should read about the state of the environment, it’s this one.”

Medium-Raw-Book-Cover-e1585760655701How Anthony Bourdain Taught Me to Write About Horses

Personal Essay: Book Riot April, 2010

“The subject of horses and equestrian culture is not as universally experienced as restaurants, but everyone has something to say about it. Both are topics with an extensive vocabulary and their own set of technical details. Get the details wrong, and the purity trolls come for blood.”


The Church of Horse

Personal Essay for Horse Network,  Febuary 2020

“Still, the need for quiet and ceremony is deeply human. For me, that need for ritual and contemplation is fulfilled in another building. One that smells more like timothy than incense and that requires a different brand of footwear finery. I am a member of the church of Equus.”

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