I am an essayist, horse girl, Colorado local, and current Midwesterner. I received an MFA in Nonfiction from Columbia College Chicago. I have a Bachelors in English from Colorado State University, where I’d hang out more with the equine science students instead of the other English majors. 

In terms of existing publications, I am a contributing writer for The Washington Independent Review of Books, Horse Network, and Book Riot. Each month I interview an author on Horse Network’s live show, “HN Reads,” which reaches thousands of viewers each month. Some of my guests have included novelist Kate Milliken, neuroscientist Janet Jones, historian Susanna Forrest, and memoir and horse trainer Ginger Gaffney. Moreover, I have published equine themed essays in The Rumpus, Horse Nation and The Plaid Horse. Since 2016, I have connected with thousands of readers and viewers who have demonstrated their interest in equestrian nonfiction while being lucky enough to network with award-winning authors.

While I specialize in equestrian subject matter, I also actively contribute broader nonfiction as well. My other work, such as personal essays, interviews and book reviews can be found in The Washington Post, Brevity, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Chicago Tribune, Earth Island Journal, and others. 

 Current Highlights:

HN Reads Book Club

Check out my recent interview with the incredible author and polo player Kareem Rosser.

New Writing: Women Employed CEO Cherita Ellens on COVID-19’s $64.5 Billion Problem

March 2021

“On February 12, Vice President Kamala Harris called the recent exodus of 2.5 million American women from the workforce a “national emergency.” Pandemic-induced job loss, plus the squeeze of caregiving responsibilities, have pushed millions of American women out of the workforce, and even more have seen reduced hours.

Cherita Ellens understands the emergency intimately. As the president and CEO of Women Employed, she is at the forefront of the fight for equitable pay and high-quality work for all women. Women Employed has been fighting for equal pay, ending workplace harassment, and other issues for the last four decades. This understanding of working women across Chicago and beyond make both Women Employed and Cherita Ellens uniquely equipped for the culture-altering moment our economy faces right now.”

We recently met with Ellens over Zoom.

The Cringey Clichés of Disney+’s New Black Beauty

Horse Network February 18,2021

Using the wrong breed of horse is common in movies, and if we were to write off every film that employs a substitute, there would not be much to watch. So, while infuriating, the Mustang thing is not the significant downfall of the movie; that would be the writing.

Perhaps the reason for Black Beauty’s longevity is its bittersweet complexity. It is not a happy story, yet its genius lies in its ability to show that both people’s choices and their circumstances trickle down into the lives of equines. Humanity’s cruelty and kindness to each other are reflected in their cruelty and kindness to Beauty and his friends as well. “