Equestrian Writing

858264_10151303605369109_2035830404_oWriting about horses is as much of a beautiful challenge as sitting on their backs and getting them to do stuff.  Horses have also been the place where I am able to contemplate many of the complexities of the world, including health, equal rights, feminism and many others.

My essay ” Fat Girl Riding”  went viral in the spring of 2017, and it  was scene or shared by more than 40,000. Then in 2019 my essay Beware “The Horse Girl” topped it and received over 60,000 page views.

In 2019 I also became the Film Reviewer for Horse Network and the Equus Film festival Channel, I cover all kinds of films twice a month.

See my latest work below.


Carabela lastWhen this is over we will ride again.

Horse Network, April 2020

“It has been 30 days since I last saw a horse. Thirty days since I decided that the best thing to do was stay out of the barn where I take lessons because statistically, the majority of horse owners are women over 50 and more likely to get much sicker from COVID-19 than I am.

It has also been 30 days since I saw coworkers, swam in the local pool or did many of the things that made my little patchwork life whole.”


Five Feel GoScreen-Shot-2020-04-10-at-12.23.42-PMod Films to Watch this Weekend. 

Horse Network April, 2020

Fear, anxiety, calm, determination, exhaustion, and a sense of hopefulness are all part of the COVID-19 experience—it can be a lot to take in. You deserve an escape! Even it’s in your living room.

Here are five films streaming now on EQUUS Film Channel that will add a bit of light and respite to your day.